Monday, July 15, 2013


My first summer at St. Sebastian I was in my room when I heard what sounded like a parade going past the parish.  The reason it sounded like a parade was because it was one.  It was the WABL (pronounced "wabble") parade - the West Akron Baseball League (or something close to the that.)  On a Saturday morning each summer the local baseball teams have a parade after which they have their big play off games.  The local high school band marches, the police and fire departments show off their equipment (and sirens) and the rest of the parade is basically kids walking or riding in trucks in their uniforms and throwing candy.  Lots and lots of candy.  Hail storms of candy. 
It is a very popular parade for people with a sweet tooth.
So every summer now I look forward to this grand event.
The boys teams can be a little dangerous though. . .

The girls though just as abundantly, but their tosses are kinder . . .
The little kids are the funniest.  They are way too polite to throw the candy but know they are not just to out and out hand it to you so they walk by and lay it at your feet like a tribute or as if they are planting seeds.
The adults get it though. 
Afterwords there was candy EVERYWHERE!  It was a child's dream come true.
I love being a pastor in West Akron!  This is a great town!

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LOL Really funny, Father V! :D