Wednesday, July 3, 2013






QUALIFICATIONS: Belief in Jesus and that He established the Catholic Church.  Active prayer and sacramental life a must.  You must be male, unmarried, and have at least a high school diploma.  An adventurous spirit and willingness to constantly learn new things and meet new people of every sort will be expected.  Spanish skills a plus.  You will also need a driver’s license.  There must be an awareness of your own unworthiness and that it will be God Who does good through you.  Looking for men who are ready and willing to serve, are open to the movement of the Spirit, gets along with people, willing to make promises of obedience and chastity, (poverty in certain instances,) and is flexible.  All areas of knowledge, experience, and education are helpful. 
JOB DESCRIPTION:  Long hours, hard work (for motivated individuals), little pay, great benefits (both in this world and the next,) and the satisfaction that you are changing the world and persons’ eternities for the better.  Duties include but are not limited to: Celebrating the most important events in people’s lives and that of salvation history particularly through the sacraments, preaching, teaching, healing, listening, forgiving.  You may be asked to run schools and other institutions whose budgets will run in the millions with little staff.  You will be directly in charge of and responsible for institutions that minister to households into the thousands, providing opportunities for them to minister, learn, and have Christian community.  You may need to coordinate or oversee having your parish be in active contact and cooperation with the diocese, the government, local parishes, and ecumenical configurations.  Will also be responsible for the physical and monetary property of a parish as well as taking on any odd job toward the building up of the Kingdom of God.
APPLY:  Call your local vocation directory or search out your diocese’s or religious order’s vocation web page or simply talk to your local priest or religious.  References from the Body of Christ (Have you ever thought of becoming a priest?) and/or the Holy Spirit (inner restlessness to serve God) will be necessary.
Vocation directors are standing by!  Don’t wait and let the opportunity to serve pass you by!  Check out the priesthood to see if you are being called.  If this is that to which you are being called, nothing else will make you as full of joy.


Unknown said...

Well said, Father! I heard Fr Damian in a homily say that young men are looking to be challenged, to be shown that they are capable of so much more than they thought - this job description should stir the hearts of exactly the kind of men that we want - and that the Church needs - to answer the call of priesthood.

ck said...

I can't remember which saint had this apparition, maybe St. Faustina, but our Lord told her that in the next world the souls of ordinary Christians shine like stars, but the souls of priests and religious shine like the moon. I've since harbored a bit of holy jealousy towards those in religious life. Seems like a pretty big reward for a life that, well lived, rewards you in this life too.

Anonymous said...

"Like" !