Tuesday, May 15, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  My baby cries every time I set her down, so I hold her continuously, even when I shower and brush my teeth.  But it’s constant motion that she wants so I walk her and bounce her on my knee until I am exhausted.  We are alone.  No one comes by with food or offers to hold her while I go to the bathroom or prepare a meal.  Mothers aren’t supposed to be alone with their babies.  For millions of years they have had other people around to help.”  L. B. in The Sun Magazine

QUOTE II:  Today I watered my lawn with better water than most of the world had to drink.”  D. M.


They’ve been cutting down unhealthy trees in our park.  This one, however, blew down in the last windstorm.  One of our fellow dog walkers took this picture for us.  Thanks B. P.
An article was sent in by T. V. written by Fr. Robert Barron about why Catholics leave.  "This short but interesting article summarizes a recent study that appeared in the April 30th issue of America Magazine."  Read more here.

Fr. D. is going to be a godfather.  There is a twist to this story however.  All life is precious is it not?  Here is the story.

Interestingly, with the advent of gambling in Cleveland, the diocese is already gearing up to deal with gambling addictions and such.  From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter here is more on the story.

From the same source: "The Church of the Diocese of Cleveland joyfully announces the Ordination to the Priesthood for service to the Diocese of Cleveland"  Read more here.

Finally from the same source:  "Did you know, the Diocesan Department of Communications and their friends at FOX8 Cleveland produce a weekly TV Mass for the home bound Catholic community? The TV Mass is broadcast each Sunday at 6:30 a.m. on FOX8 ClevelandRead more here.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure I understand nor agree with Mother Teresa's - only forgiveness leads to forgetfulness. Some things do not need to be forgotten but keep us safe from things that can harm us.

Fr. V said...

Actually I agree with you.

I think that this is kind of like John Paul's Theology of the Body and the idea of origianl innocence and "naked without shame" - but in a fallen world we need fig leaves. BUT . . . the ideal . . . and we should always have the ideal in mind.

Anonymous said...

the TV Mass has been around for a long time . . . . my wife and I attended it several times . . . Father Kraker was the regular celebrant

rmk sr

Cyndy Cook said...

Hi Father,
Do you have a link for the first quote here (from the Sun magazine)? I would like to read the rest of the article.

Fr. V said...

I don't think that it is on line. It wasn't an article as much as a short story. I still have the magazine if you would like it.