Monday, May 14, 2012


When I was in kindergarten we had a project in which we had to draw a picture of what work we wanted to do when we grew up and then tell the class why we chose it.  I did not choose priesthood at that time (though I used to play Mass all the time with all my Protestant friends in our basement - they were all for it because we used Oreo cookies for hosts.)  I drew a picture of a bus.  I thought handling a big piece of equipment like that would be great.  But I had a stipulation.  Meeting people and helping them get around sounded like fun but I did not want to go down the same streets every day as that sounded boring.  Rather, I would drive around and if people wanted to go where I was going they could ride with me.

I would not have made a good bus driver.

In high school when they gave us much the same project with a bit more seriousness I still wanted a job in which I would not do the exact same thing every day.  I think that was the reason for my choice studying theater.  If there is anything that would be unpredictable and exciting there it was.

It was priesthood that won out however.  And whereas there are some things that are fixed pegs such as Mass and prayer and such, other things vary wildly.  Take last Tuesday.  As you may be aware we are hosting a production of "Late Night Catechism" at the parish (see here on the rotating banner) as a fundraiser for our organ project.  Those running the evening wanted a short informative video to let people know about the project.  So they brought in a crew to shoot a three minute video staring Sebastian.  It took about three hours to shoot a three minute video but it was fun.  All my training in theater, music, and priesthood paid off for this one, brief, shining moment.  Here are some pictures of the event:

This is Sebastian in makeup before his close-up.
Some of the cast and crew in the "greenroom" waiting for their cue.

The director and one of the tech guys setting up the office for the shoot.
Time for my line done with passion, drama, and genius.

The final project was to get more "dog noises" from Sebastian and so the sound guy followed him around for about 20 minutes.  Notice the headphones.  It was all fun and games until the doorbell rang and Sebastian barked into the microphone.


Pat said...

When and how might we see the video?

Fr. V said...

It will be shown at intermission of Late Night Catechism.