Monday, May 21, 2012


Dear Diary,

It was an exciting week.  There’s been little chance to do much than move from one activity to the next.  The weather continues to be agreeable so when I went to camp to say Mass for the campers this past week we had it at the outdoor “chapel” instead of the rec hall for the first time ever (for me.)  It always rains there whenever I have Mass.

The kids there from various schools were great.  When I was done a group of boys came up and one of them said, “We are from St. X school and we wanted to thank you for coming out to say Mass for us.  My name is . . .” and then he went on to make introductions which very much impressed me.  I want to tell our principal about this so that we might have our children do the same.

The Knights of Columbus has an appreciation meal for religious and clergy this past Wednesday.  It was very good and it was nice just catching up with people.

The big thing was that it was ordination weekend.  After Mass we had to high tail it down to the Cathedral.  I gave my cousin a ride and when we got to the Cathedral parking garage there was a line of traffic down the street.  But lo!  There was a space ON THE STREET.  Unfortunately the car behind me was right on my bumper and I did not trust that he would let me pull up and back in.  My cousin, however, offered to jump out of the car and throw herself into the path of oncoming traffic in order to for me to park in such an ideal spot.  God bless her.

As usual the priests all meet on the second floor of what used to be the chancery building behind the cathedral.  The building is largely abandoned now.  All the office doors are flung open and everybody finds a spot to put their vestment bags and change into Mass clothes.

A half hour early we go and line up on the sidewalk outside.  The bells start ringing and we start the long procession around the block and into the Cathedral.  There are many people with cameras, people coming out of the hotel across the street to see what all the to-do is about, and of course the protesters for married clergy and women priests.  It wouldn’t be ordination without protesters.

The ceremony went well – and lasted about two hours.  When it was done I slipped into my car conveniently parked and got out of town before most were even able to wiggle themselves out of the garage. 

After Mass I went to one of the newly ordained’s receptions.  Fr. Kovacina threw a great party for those wishing to celebrate his ordination  Most importantly he made sure that it remained focused on God and the Church.  A class act all around.

Today it is back to the grindstone; signing teacher’s contracts all day the next two days.  It always seems a swing from one extreme to the other.  That’s why I like it!


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