Thursday, April 5, 2012


As Christians we are so focused on what happened to Jesus during this festival we call the Triduum that we might be inclined to think that the whole world was focused on what Jesus was going through starting on what is now known as Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday. After all you have crowds of people, religious leaders, and government officials highly and publically involved. But in reality there were many, many people who had no idea what was going on. There were those who never heard of Jesus or any of the things he had done. Or perhaps they heard some things but had no idea of the importance and so did not pay much attention. They might have even seen His execution procession go by at a distance and so turn to somebody next to them and ask, “What is all that about?” to which the other might have replied, “Some malcontents being crucified.” “Oh.” For those places and peoples that Jesus was not able to reach, the world went on spinning as usual even though the very cosmos was going through rebirth pangs.

If you find yourself unable to celebrate the Triduum because you must work or are otherwise constrained, know that there is a celebration of these things going on somewhere. When you have a few moments call this to mind and unite yourself with the Church celebrating this most awesome feast. Even at a distance, be part of – be aware – be mindful – participate to the extent in which you are able.

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