Thursday, April 12, 2012


We are nearing the end of the organ removal which is good because the weekend is quickly approaching and we will need the pews!  Almost all of the pipes have been removed and now they are removing other pieces parts.

Below you can see the boxes of pipes are carefully catalogued for transport.

Here you can see the pipes laid out across the pews.  A hymnal is on top of the pew so you can have an idea of the size of these pipes.
Here another chamber is almost completely empty.  Every hole had a pipe in it.  There is a five dollar bill placed there so you can get an idea of size.
These monsters come out today.  You can see the top of the door at the bottom of the picture.  That should give you an idea of how tall these bad boys are.  Another shot below shows Sebastian looking up.  Today they told me they may have to saw these in half in order to be able to get them out!  They can be restored when they are repaired and returned.

And for those who are tired of organs . . . NAME THIS TUNE:  (Answer tomorrow)

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