Tuesday, March 6, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."  Anne Frank

QUOTE II:  "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die, so that you may live as you wish."  Mother Theresa

L.G. sent this video "Hallelujah" in quite a while ago.  I just got around to listening to it.  Wow.  Thanks.

Why become a priest?  Here's 2:30 worth of reasons:

Francis Cardinal George wrote, " . . . This year, the Catholic Church in the United States is being told she must "give up" her health care institutions, her universities and many of her social service organizations. This is not a voluntary sacrifice. It is the consequence of the already much discussed Department of Health and Human Services regulations now filed and promulgated for implementation beginning Aug. 1 of this year.. . ."  Read more of his letter here.

P. V. sent this link to an article entitled, "What If the Bishops Aren't Bluffing?"  Thanks.

Phillip Rivers talks about being Catholic.  1:45 spiritual boost:

Have you been getting the Email telling you to refuse the new one dollar coin because the words, "In God We Trust" are no longer imprinted on it?  Check out snopes for the story here.  Thanks P. S.

E. S. sent in this link to a letter written by the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Timothy Cardinal Dolan to his fellow bishops concerning the handling of the issue of religious freedom and the White House.  Instead of relying on the media read for yourself what he has to say here.  Thanks E. S.

CORRECTION:  Yesterday it was reported that Fr. Pfeiffer was ten years younger than I am.  In actuality he is twelve years younger.  Adam's Ale regrets the error.  You don't know how much.


Anonymous said...

This priest promo is for the Legionnaries of Christ- if you do just a little bit of clicking- particularly on the "donate" button. I used to see "wholesomeness" in their media promos, but now I see something, forgive me for saying, creepy? in the way that every single one of these priests parts their hair on the same side. Not a single one of them has a hair out of place. In light of the scandal of their founder- which out of fairness to these priests/brothers is not attributable to them, I know- and their previous vow never to speak ill of their superiors, the whole video seems just too, too "slick" and to be honest, "worldly" in their presentation. I don't mean for these comments to be published, but just something for you, Father, to consider.

Anonymous said...

I realize that Tuesday is quote day, but given the amount of references to the HHS mandate, is a Primary Election day the most appropriate day to be doing this?

Archibishop George seems to be implying that if I can't accept everything the bishops say, I should leave the Church. That's a very uncomfortable position to be in after 67 years, but if those are the ground rules, I may have to think about it.

Fr. V said...

As to your first comment - why would this be an annapropriate day? Actually I did not make the connection - it is just the latest news when this post was written. But if it would happen to affect somebody's vote - better an uniformed vote and than an informed one?

As to your second comment - interesting take. I didn't quite get that from it. There is nothing we have to beleive simply because a bishop has said it. Scripture and Tradition , , ,

Anonymous said...

Cardinal George's letter hits the nail on the head! I confess that I had some thoughts that this may be much ado about nothing, but the Cardinal's letter has helped me to see that the Church (and you, Father) have been right all along. If the pressure is kept up by as many fairhful Catholics as possible, I sincerly believe this mandate will be rescinded. Above all, we need to keep praying about this, daily and consistently. Thank you Father, for keeping this issue in the forefront - I think election day is a most appropriate day to blog about this!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the "Why Be a Priest" video, there is a link in the upper left hand corner called "To Be a Priest". Wow. Praise God! As a newer Catholic, God is really helping me better understand the gift of priesthood/religious life... definitely worth watching.

Also, Father V., thanks for taking the time to say hello to me at mass on Sunday. I was truly touched as I'm sure things get pretty busy!

Thank you!
Baby Catholic/ C.J.

Anonymous said...

What about the woman whose reason for taking the pills is medical rather than prevention of pregnancy? There are reasons for hormone replacement therapy and treatment of anemia. Should they be penalized because of only one of the uses of the pill?

Fr. V said...

Last Anon.

You probably missed prior comments from another post - If it is being taken for a pathology such as that - it is a completely different case as you pointed out.

Anonymous said...

One thing I wonder about. I take perscription drugs but I must pay for them. Why should we be expected to pay for a perscription birth control drug or an abortion drug? I don't get it. What am I missing here?

And I must admit, although I think I am an independent, I have been bening to the liberal side of things until now. This really is pushing me away from anyone who is aligned with this HHS mandate. It seems prety clear to me right now that I cannot support them AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is not the only government person who is of base in this business of healthcare. Two
other government persons, , , , Pelosi and Sibelius ' ' are on record as opposing the church's stance on contraception and abortion. I call them pseudo-catholics.