Tuesday, August 16, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “The more committed a family becomes to a given project, the more vulnerable it also becomes. Having partially conquered nature, they were now a prey to it.” from Michner’s “The Source”

QUOTE II: “No matter how much of a leopard a leopard may be, there are rivals that can overcome him because they do not fear him . . . When faced with a leopard the strength of an ant lies precisely in its insignificance. The real animal is the entire colony. The leopard can do away with hundreds of ants with a single sweep of the tongue, but the body of the colony will make up for its loses in a matter of seconds. The ants, meanwhile, touch bottom in pools of saliva and diligently bite the leopard’s tongue.” from Eliseo Alberto’s “Caracol Beach”


Fr. Damien Ference of the Diocese of Cleveland and well appreciated occassional homilist at St. Sebastian as well as guest blogger for Adam's Ale was interviewed this past week on Archbishop Dolan's Sirius/xm radio program this week. The show next Thursday at 12pm. If you have satellite radio, you can tune into ch. 129. The topic of the conversation is his article "Why Vocation Programs Don't Work" from the February issue of Homiletic and Pastoral Review. It airs for the first time this Thursday at noon on ch. 129. Then, they will replay it about 5 times over the weekend.

P. sent this thought provoking article about the riots taking place in London. It reports that the common denominator in those arrested are young persons from broken homes without fathers. Interesting. Read more here.

We had flooding here this past weekend.  Some people were sad and angry.  Sebastian thought it was great.

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter: "In advance of World Youth Day, Bishop Lennon has recorded a special message for those who are traveling to Madrid, Spain on August 16th through the 21st." Find out more here.

One of the members of the Saint Sebastian Chesterton Society has an article on line about distributism, a particularly favorite topic of Chesterton. "Matthew P. Akers makes a case in St. Austin’s Review that Tolkien’s Middle Earth writings do exemplify the principles of Distributism–both as a positive model in the Shire and critically through showing the destructive processes of an inhuman, anti-natural regime (think of Mordor as the first BP!) St Austin’s is a conservative Catholic journal, but of a distinctly non-Ayn-Rand, non-neo-conservative kind, and progressives will find Akers’ remarks on economics, the environment, and imperialism to be very congenial." Read the actual article here.


MJ said...

Love the picture of Sebastian swimming!! Baxter would have been right there with him.

Anonymous said...

Next time you have baptisms in the park, let us know!