Sunday, August 7, 2011


From the case book of the Almost Excrusiatingly True Stories comes the story of the last staff outing.  This summer we rented a pontoon boat for three hours.
Someone said that it might be fun to go swimming off of the boat and unfortunately the man renting us the boat overheard.

Well, we took that with a grain of salt.  (Very unCatholic like) and prepared to venture out thinking that somebody among us would know how to sail a pontoon boat.  Right?  I mean, how hard can it be?
It rather reminded me of last year.
Well, after the guy came out and started the thing for us we were off and sailing.  About an hour into it a couple people on staff started voicing their desire to go swimming.

So we all cannon balled into the water.  It looked like a reinactment of Pearl Harbor.

It was then that we realized the real reason the guy warned us not to go swimming off of the boat.

You know, the decks of those things are incredibly high and the pontoony things are REALLY slippery.

We had a staff meeting in the water trying to come with a plan to get on to the boat.  We might just hold on till we drift into shore and then climb on.  Or wait for a (lower to the water) passing boat.  We were really running out of options.  Finally one of the guys muscled his way up climbing the anchor rope.  We all then were able to be hoisted up and we made it back to shore just fine.
Next year:  ZIP LINING!


Matt W said...

Well worth the wait! Welcome back.

lgreen515 said...

Liked the staff meeting panel best!

Anonymous said...

What you didn't have your fill with water and now you want to try air!!!

Anonymous said...

A funny story, Father, but as somebody who has been boating those lakes for 50 years, I can tell you that you owe your guardian angels a lot of thanks. A pontoon boat is almost impossible to board from the water unless it has a swim ladder. Also there is only one area there that permits swimming from boats.

The general idea is that if the boat is not at a secure dock, you always leave one person on board in case of emergency.

Now, next year sky diving might be fun.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't read the very light colored writing in "Cape Fear" and the one directly below it. Otherwise, thanks for a great episode.