Friday, May 28, 2010


As we continue our discussion on basilicas take a look at the unique coat of arms that they have. As written here (a few years ago) there are rather stringent rules regarding heraldry within the Church. There are certain restriction and requirements for the heraldry of a basilica. Removed from a coat of arms are any extraneous objects not prescribed. So there are no knight’s helmets or even a bishop’s miter. There are also no standards or other embellishments. Behind the actual coat of arms is the obrellino reported here two weeks ago. Every basilica has a special connection to the pope and so also seen behind the coat of arms are the silver and gold crossed Keys of Peter. This represents the special connection to the pope to whom the basilica belongs.


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RE: Coat of Arms . . . . very . . . no, extremely interesting, Father. Tell us more.