Monday, April 19, 2010


There are some difficulties with living in the same place that you work particularly if that place is a parish church and rectory. It can mean that you are more accessible than you care to be at times. (On the other hand, that can be a boon. Feeling lonely? Just go outside for a little while. Someone will turn up.)

But there are also some real advantages to living at the parish also. I guiltily take full advantage of them. Because of the nature of these perks they usually have to take exercised later in the evening or on Sunday afternoon when everyone, and I mean everyone has gone home.

For example, I have always loved to sing in the choir. It is hard to sing in the choir when one also is the celebrating priest. We have a fantastic choir at St. Sebastian and would love to sing with them but such is not my role. So, sometimes, late at night, I’ll take a recording of a Mass, say, Kodlay’s Missa Brevis or some such thing and put it on the church sound system, get my music out, and presto, I’m just a tenor in a great choir singing in a marvelous venue.

If that is not to your liking, how about a late night session in an empty gym? Last week Sebastian and I went down to our gym, grabbed a basketball and ran around for a little while. It is not everyone that has a gym in the place where they live.

Oh! Those cold wintery or stormy nights! Does the dog say, “Never mind master. You do not have to take me for a walk. I don’t mind.” Of course not. He wants to go come hell or high water. What a wonderful thing a ball and long school hallways are. “Go get it Sebastian!” There is a great clicking of nails and padding of paws running down the linoleum.

Need to escape or watch the sun set? Bell towers are wonderful places (if kept clean) as are roofs and they afford great views too. All of these are far greater than watching T.V. – something I’ve grown to detest. But I suppose the roof is not so unique. I used to do that at my parent’s house growing up.


Anonymous said...

I took note of the James Taylor rendition of 'Up On The Roof' accompanying this blog . . . . very appropriate . . . . now Father try to write something appropriate to go with this: "The Land of Many Churches Live" by Merle Haggard and the Carter Family. I like Merle a lot

bob kraus

p,s. forgot to thank you for the visit . . . it was a pleasure

melody said...

There's a lovely hill on our church property and on snowy evenings I've always wondered whether any of the padres have gone midnight sledding. I have considered buying a sled for the rectory (anonymously, of course) just in case they've had the longing but lacked the sled:).

The image of any of our good priests belting out hymns in the deserted church or hanging out on the roof definitely has me smiling! Good for you!

Pat said...

Father, It's nice to know that Sebastian is doing so well at playing ball and that the parish buildings and grounds are so appreciated.