Friday, February 19, 2010


It is an incredibly busy day so there is only time for a short post.

As it turns out there may be an answer to last week’s puzzling architecture mystery. After consulting original blue prints and upon receiving an Email from the architect (thank you) here is what I was able to surmise:
According to the architect the unusually low holy water font is in no way original to the building even though it is built into the brick. The only ones original to the building are the black free standing ones that are still there. So here is what we think happened – at some point the side door was converted into a handicap accessible entrance. A ramp was constructed and the marble holy water font was put in to be more convenient for those who would find reaching the height of the original fonts awkward.

As it turns out its current placement was itself awkward. It is in a difficult spot to maneuver a wheelchair and so was abandoned. Then the shelves and bulletin boards were designed and were simply built around the font and obscured it apparently with little loss on anybody’s part.

There you have it. Everything you wanted to know and more! (Until this theory is proven incorrect.)

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Anonymous said...

being disabled--i want to ask how many diabled persons were consulted for input on this very helpful idea--Father i know you would not be privy to this info.---but i was just curious--n.