Tuesday, January 19, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “We presume that there will be another breath to take . . .we could just as easily not be here . . . In Haiti one day seemed just like the last and then one day everything that seemed ordinary in their life was turned upside down.” Fr. Frank DeSiano

QUOTE II: “All other swindlers upon the earth are nothing to the self swindler.” Charles Dickens


Ellen from Paraclete Press calls our attention to this video. It is just under ten minutes long. It is particularly useful for those contemplating the priesthood.

I am not recommending this site - just seeing if anybody out there can give any insight - if it is a good organization or not. Personhood USA.

It was good to see that Catholic Relief Services (CRS - the people who bring you Operation Rice Bowl) are listed among the top groups bringing relief to Haiti. It is one of the stregths of the Catholic Church that we are so interconnected and can weild such a response. I fully endorse CRS and find it to be one of the finest charitable organization in the world. Here you can read about what they are doing in Haiti and make a donation. This coming weekend our parish will be taking up a collection for Haiti and the monies will be funneled through CRS. We are in there for the long haul. We were there before this disaster struck and we will be in there long after the cameras are gone and people have forgotten about the devistation.

Fr. F. sent this in about a new convent of Poor Clares out in California. If you need a shot in the arm concerning women's religious orders you might want to check out the video. Thanks friend.


Pat said...

The director of CRS was interviewed on EWTN this past Friday evening. She stated that 100% of the donations to Haiti will go directly to aid this current crisis. CRS' averages 93% of every donation going directly to their work, but for Haiti, it will be 100%.

Father Cory Sticha said...

Personhood USA is the organization that is pushing the personhood amendment to state constitutions, something which is quite controversial. There is disagreement whether or not the personhood amendment would actually help or hurt the cause to end abortion.

Carol said...

Regarding the Personhood movement, I've been both mystified and edified. One should be on or the other! A few months ago, right about the same time I started getting email about Stop The Abortion Mandate, I started hearing from a "Keith Mason" -- it went straight to the spam box so I right-clicked, scrolled down and read the text without opening the email. I started allowing them into my Inbox, and as I say, I STILL can't make heads nor tails of them. It seems Personhood wants to declare fetuses persons protectable under American law (14th amendment, to be exact). That's good, but as I say, there's also been conflicts/little red flags come up.. I don't know if it's because I'm Catholic and this movement isn't, or if it's a matter of someone wanting to split off from the national pro-life movement. Whatever it is that spooks me, I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude toward it all.. perhaps much like the Apostles did with Saul of Tarsus. One never knows. Time (or Fr. Pavone) will tell.