Tuesday, January 5, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Absolutely every person, no matter how enmeshed in vice, ensnared by the allurements of pleasure, a captive in exile . . . fixed in mire . . . distracted by business, afflicted with sorrow . . . and counted with those who go down into hell – every soul, I say, standing thus under condemnation and without hope, has the power to turn and find it can not only breath the fresh air of the hope of mercy, but can also aspire to the nuptials of the Word.” St. Bernard of Clairvaux

QUOTE II: “Poverty does not mean perfection. It is a means to greater charity.” Fr. Zylla


We have not had a quiz in a very long time. Here is one for you entitled “Who’s On First?”

1. I like this question because it never even occurred to me to ask it before until it was mailed in recently. If we count years based on the birth of Jesus Christ, then why do we start the New Year on January 1st and not December 25th?
2. This one is hard so give yourself points if you can name any information in connection with it. Name the first saint whose complete set of relics were given to the Church in the United States by Rome?
3. Who was the first female saint (the second saint and the last time this was ever done) whose complete set of relics were given to the Church in the United States?
4. Who was the first United States citizen to be canonized?
5. Who is the first Native American to be named a saint?


My cousin sent this 4 minute song in for Christmas.

P. sent a couple of Christmas videos in:


Are you interested in holy cards? A.M. sent this site in called Saints Unlimited. If you are interested in collecting holy cards this site is for you.

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Anonymous said...

1. A few centuries ago, the "new year" was celebrated on March 1st, not January 1st, so apparently, the birth date of Christ was never a consideration. No one really knows when during the year Jesus was born. The year of His birth is a little suspect as well, due to mistaken astronomical calculations.

4. Mother Cabrini was the first naturalized US citizen to be canonized. Might the first native born citizen be St. Elizabeth Seton?

5. I would guess St. Martin DePores or St. Rose of Lima. Kateri Tekakwitha is still a "blessed."