Thursday, January 21, 2010


The other day I was reaching into my medicine cabinet and saw the Mason jar I keep there. My mother who passed away a number of years ago gave it to me. When I was moving into the seminary she gave me a care package part of which was a Mason jar lined with cellophane (of course) and containing cotton swabs. Over the years they have been mostly used and replaced but I keep a few that she gave me (white sticks instead of the new blue) just as a remembrance.

This day for some reason I was particularly struck by it and took it off the shelf and just thought about the great love of a mother for her son that she would go through the trouble of something somewhat trivial but none-the-less helpful to extend her care to when I would be away. It was nice just to meditate on that for a little, to remember her, and to say a prayer.

That is kind of where I am with God on the rosary currently. If one wants to pray the Rosary well it means there must needs be some meditation to go along with it (the prayers being an aid and path to meditation.) Sometimes I simply think about the life of Christ during the particular mystery, sometimes I think about the mystery’s implication for the Church, sometimes I try to relate it to current living giving it a homiletic bent, but more recently (just my latest kick) I’ve been treating the mysteries like that glass Mason jar. I pull the mystery out and just look at it and try to concentrate on being thankful. “You bore Your Cross for me? Thank you.” “You resurrected for me? Thank you.” “You transfigured that I might believe? Thank you.”

There are many different ways to meditate on the rosary. You need to find your way. And like me it may change from time to time as you discover something new in God Who is more than our simple minds can ever mine.


Matt W said...

Thanks; I've been frustrated by praying the Rosary lately--maybe it's time to change my focus.

Cracked Pot said...

Father--another profundity from your keyboard. Mary our loving Mother has brought us the rosary to help us increase our love for her Son. What a Mother!! Yes, the topics for meditation are endless. Instead of focusing on my own needs and running out of words, I can think about Jesus and Mary and their help for my problems. The rosary is a fruitful and powerful prayer.

MJ said...

I have the K of C CD in my car and say the rosary on the way home from school each day. They have a short meditation at the beginning of each decade. I think about that or add my own meditation to it, depending on what is going on in my life on any given day.

Anonymous said...

Best way - in front of the Blessed Sacrament!
[Catholic bible study]

Odysseus said...

I always find myself relating the mysteries ot my present situation: The resurrection resembles the resurrection of my faith in picking up the rosary, the agony in the garden represents my abandoning Christ by having returned to sin, and so on. Perhaps it is not a good habit but it comes over me nonetheless.