Friday, December 25, 2009



Here is the Christmas Eve Children's homily:

Twas the vigil for Christmas and all through the rectory
The priest types were stirring, Frs. Valencheck, Pfeiffer, and Swirski
The altar was set – candles lit with care
In hopes the Babe Jesus soon would be there.

The children all gathered way up in the loft
Silent Night they sang so sweetly and soft
Mrs. Frey at the organ; the deacon was dressed
A server rang the bell to start 4 o’clock Mass.

When through the stained glass there came such a light
I ran outside to see what lit up the night
Out to Mull Avenue I ran at a dash
And a saw a great star twinkle and flash

The star on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave luster of mid-day to objects below
Then what to my wondering eyes should appear
But shepherds and angles with news of good cheer

There was a new Babe who left all so awed
I knew in a moment twas the Son of God
Angles announced each one who came
They sang and they trumpeted and called each one by name.

Hail Mary! Oh Joseph! Come sages with boxes!
Here’s shepherds with sheepses and asses and oxes!
From the height of the sky they announced God’s birth,
“To God be all glory – to men peace on earth!”

It was hard to believe as hard as I’d try
The shepherds on the lawn – the star in the sky
It was right out those doors – I know it is true
The manger is out there on Mull Avenue

The camels will help us and give us some proof
In the snow are their pawings of each giant hoof.
The kings coming forward dressed in crowns and fur
Left presents of frankincense, bright gold, and myrrh.

The Baby was wrapped from head to foot
In the swaddling clothes in which He was put
There were no toys no crib for His head
But a feed stall in which ox and asses are fed

Yet how joyous it was and how so merry
No one was nervous, confused, or wary
The history of Man was changing now
As before the New Born we did bow.

He moved not an inch nor word from Him broke
But filled our hearts with wonder and hope
We knew this child was destined to be
The Messiah who came to set all men free.

The most important thing to remember and I’ll say it in prose
About this Jesus Who from David’s line arose

Is to remember that this day is not about anything
But about a person
Jesus – our Savoir – Who was born this day.
And from all that He has done for us
He wants only one thing from you –
And that is that you develop a friendship with Him.
And there is only one way to do that
Prayer – Every day. All the time.
And to come to the sacraments.
That is the best present you can give Jesus Who gives you so much.

Well . . .

Then the Church bells rang it was time to start Mass
The manger’s still out there – the vision will last
And the message He gave ‘neath that star so bright:
“A Blessed Christmas to all on this Holy Night.”

Here are couple more vidoes recently sent in:
This one is from Tim: (If not for the performers would there have been anyone there?)

And one more from P.


Adoro said...

This is great Fr. V! Merry Christmas! :-D

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Merry Christmas, Father V!

Matt W said...

Are you sure the second video didn't come from S(ebastian)?