Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sunday there was an interesting dinner. It was a group of friends having a sending off of one of our own who is going into the convent. Kay, or as some of you have come to know her through Adam’s Ale, Lillian Marie, is packing her bags and moving into Lourdes Shrine in Euclid to discern life with the Trinitarian Sisters! She is actually only the third person I know to go into the convent as of late. Sr. John Paul joined the Nashville Dominicans and Sr. Brigid joined the Sisters of Life in New York.

I remember when Sister Brigid was contemplating religious life. One of her biggest obstacles was the paying off of her student loans. There are organizations that help with this endeavor but hers were considerable and there were some difficulties at first but fortunately it was rectified. Kay had a unique solution. Even though she will be living at the convent and going through formation she will continue her job at the Rapid Transit Authority (not only does she work there, she is one of their biggest fans!) to help pay down her obligations. Good for the Trinitarians for being so flexible!

We were joking about what she must have said to her boss about taking time off on Thursday to make the move. “Um, I need a day off in order to move into a convent because I am becoming a nun.” How often has a boss heard THAT excuse? (It probably can only be used once in a lifetime.)

Please keep Kay in your prayers. There is the initial excitement of such things but that wears off even for the most ardent for religious life. The real period of adjustment happens when the newness grows thin and the situation must be faced without the adrenaline of excitement – not so different from being married or moving to another city I suppose.

Kay – you are in my prayers! Thank you for going more deeply into discernment and for letting us be a part of it! We need you more than you can ever know.

And here is prayer for all of you contemplating and discerning. Thank you!


Anonymous said...


We're so excited for you, Kay, and we are indeed thankful for your very serious discernment and your deep goodwill. Many will be praying for you.

Jesus must be so happy. The Sisters, too! As a parent, I can well imagine there've been tears from your parents, yet how happy they must be, too!

Anonymous said...

God Bless her. What great news.

Lillian Marie said...

Thank you all for your prayers! I am 90% packed (actually had to unpack some things to wear tomorrow) LOL