Saturday, December 15, 2007


This weeks Sunday Video was so stolen from Uncle Jim over at A Second Chance, but I did like it so. (3:38)


Jay announces that Catholic Carnival 150 is up and running over at A Third Way.

REW sends news of a new Vatican Web Site to help people in their reading of Scripture. Thanks! This program offers Sacred Scripture, its interpretation in light of Sacred Tradition and the teachings of the Magisterium, with appropriate theological commentary and exegesis.

Just for fun, if you are in the mood, vote in the new poll to the right.

You may remember that Lillian Marie sent us the links to two communities she was discerning. Well, the Trinitarian Sisters have updated their site. Here it is. Thanks LM!

THE REST OF THE STORY: Those of you who read the Cleveland Plain Dealer read on Saturday that the Eastside Catholic Center and Shelter will be closing. The article was very articulate in explaining that it was due to billing errors, mismanagement, and lack of funding. What it makes absolutely no effort to mention, however, is that this organization is not directly affiliated with the diocese. The offer was made by our Catholic Charities to take them under their wing, but for some reason, maybe a very good one, they declined. In any event, there was no effort to let the public know that the poor administration had nothing to do with the diocese. *ahem*


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I did what I know I ought not.. visited a 'blog whose comments left everthing to be desired.. It didn't help much to have stripped two coats of hideous smugness off a Traditionalist who sniffed at JP II, saying perhaps he was just some old guy who had meant well by tinkering with the rosary, and that Christmas time was a good time to pray for his soul in Purgatory. *ahem..

At any rate, thank you, Fr. V and Uncle Jim. With this video of my favorite Papa and my favorite psalm, you put back a chunk of heart that another bit out of me.

And I, too, have *borrowed* the video..

Anonymous said...

Spirit Daily just posted an article stating that Pope Benedict wants semenaries to teach the Latin Mass & seminarians to be able to read the Latin Missal. From what I'm reading & have read in other sites, many of the seminaries are balking at this. Your thoughts Fr. V? Lillian Marie

Anonymous said...

Woo! Those PJII videos are always tearjerkers, aren't they? I can't even THINK about that speech he did in Cuba telling the crowd it was God's will that they be free, right in front of Castro.

The Congregation for the Clergy has also just created a nifty pamphlet asking for spiritual mothers for priests. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that got cut off.

Anonymous said...

Consecrated women as spiritual mothers.. yes, yes, yes..

I just read of a widower grandpa in his 70s who when turned down by one Bishop for the priesthood, asked another (Carlson? Carlton?) in Michigan, and he said no initially, then while praying the next day, the Lord asked him why he was turning down men He had sent him! There is a new priest in that diocese, and I say, YAY!!

Fr. V said...

L.M. - No matter what is asked to be taught in the seminary, you will find a group of seminarians who will bulk at it. Let me say it again: NO MATTER WHAT IT IS - a number of seminarians will bulk at it, others will fully embrace it, and still others (most) just do what they have to do. If you want a different spin on that same information you could just as easily have said, "Some seminarians leap at the chance to learn Latin and the Mass."

Thanks for the klink sparky.

Anonymous said...

That was very 'glass half empty' - sorry.

Fr. V said...

Yes, I could see why you might think that.

My point was - like statistics, you make them say whatever you want. Do you want to make it sound "glass half empty" say some seminarians bulk at it. Do you want it to sound half full, say, "Some seminarians leap at the chance." The full glass is that it is actually being taken seriously period.

Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: "He balked at the bulk of the Christmas parcel which she asked him to carry".
(sorry, don't usually nitpick, I'll be off to confession now...)