Friday, December 11, 2020


Part of Christ's whole mission was to heal the divisions between us, that we might be one in the Body of Christ.  Part of the most insidious parts of the whole COVID situation is the division it causes (a sickness in and of itself) within the body that appears to be almost irreconcilable.  
No matter how helpful and diplomatic those in charge try to be, the nature of this beast just seems to make everything more difficult.
The diocese tries to do what they can which is mostly calling you to tell you somebody complained.
"Do you want me to kick people out?  Do you want me to hire security?"  "No!  You can't do that."  I wish it were that people on one side or the other were the ones who didn't come to Mass, donate, volunteer or offer encouragement.  At least then I could take sides.  
So I am doing my best to balance what is asked of us, what we are allowed to do, and what will make the sacraments available to the most people.  Of course, that makes nobody happy.  Including me.

May we look back on this time some day and say, "Remember when we were all concerned about masks?" as we unite once more around the Table of the Lord.


Pat said...


Thank you for helping us to understand the situation with which our clergy must deal.

Anonymous said...

I empathize. I would just like to thank you for what St Sebastian's is doing for your parishioners, though. During these 9 months of loneliness, where everywhere we turn, someone is angry about something, and many of our usual outlets for enjoyment are cut off, I certainly appreciate the parish's efforts to increase communication and make us feel like we're not just out here flapping in the wind alone and getting all tattered.

Karen said...

I'm the secretary at my parish and am VERY familiar with these conversations. There is definitely a lot of nodding and smiling going on with people.

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