Thursday, December 17, 2020


St. Sebastian Parish is getting a new boiler (and chiller) for Christmas.  Right now that means being without heat until Friday but in the long run we will be happier, warmer and spend much less money on heat.  Here is the old boiler being chopped up in the basement of the church

I don't know what I was expecting but the inside looks like a giant radiator.  But now, thinking about it, I guess it makes sense.  After it was all (loudly) chopped up, a giant crane came by to haul it piece by piece out of the basement.

So here is a picture so you can not see what I don't see and why one must dress warmly for Mass this week!

And here are the new boilers, still wrapped in plastic, getting ready to go into the boiler room and start boiling!



Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed and found it quite humorous livestreaming mass the past couple days with father simone trying to be heard over all the racket!��

Tony M said...

Somehow once, as a grade school student , after doing something I shouldn't have been doing (sneaking onto the roof through that book closet in the jr high wing of the school) I was sentenced to help the maintenance crew (on which by the grace of God my brother worked at the time) to help with "dirty work" around the church. Longest sentence ever, in more ways than one...

Anyway, that grate that covers the hole to access the basement (the way the boiler fits in and out) was somehow rusted shut. My brother, Gene and Ray were hammering and prying trying to get it free. As a maybe 12 year old, thinking I could help, I decided to jump from the grass right on top of it. At that exact moment one side gave out, fell down and off I went like riding a water slide to the basement room. Thank goodness the doors were not locked ! There was a group of people in a meeting down there, they needed some new undergarments of their own after that, and my sentence was shortened, time served.