Sunday, April 28, 2019


Those are not squiggly lines that you are looking at.  That is what the Missal looks like to me when the server first brings the book over and it's not a good day and I realize that I have forgotten to wear my glasses.  Again.

Sometimes it goes like this to borrow a scene from one of my favorite comedies:

Things is - I don't need them most of the time.  A LOT of the time I don't need them to read.  So I forget.  And then WHAM!  It's Mass time and I realize that I can't see.  What are you going to do at that point?  Excuse yourself from the altar and go to the rectory and hope you can find them where you left them last?

So I ask the sacristans and servers, "If you see me without my glasses PLEASE remind me that I need them."  They don't.

It's the same with my collar (misspelled below but I didn't want to draw the frame again.)  I'll go to Mass thinking I'm all dressed up and later, looking at myself in the mirror, I will realize that I've been going around all day without my little white tongue depressor in.
I can't blame people for not saying anything I guess.  Everybody has their jobs for which they must be diligent without having to worry if their priest can see and doesn't look funny.  I should probably make a list.
From the time I was a little kid, my Dad aways said that I would need someone to mind me throughout life.  He said I live too much in my head.


Anonymous said...

Maybe leave a spare pair of glasses, or cheap drug store magnifier glasses, in the sacristy where everyone knows where they are? Or perhaps stashed at the pulpit?

I know the feeling. Those who need them all the time, like my husband, never start the day without their glasses. I am the same as you. I only need them to read, or when my eyes are tired.

I volunteer at our sister parish's grade school, helping the Religion Teacher. The first time I was there, I was wearing my specs. The next time, I didn't. The First Graders were *horrified* - "Mrs. K, WHERE ARE YOUR GLASSES?!" Needless to say, it did not happen again!

Best Easter blessings to all of you at St. Sebastian! Sue from St. B

Kim Miller said...

Fr V, lines rolling together is an issue for me at the ambo when I lector. Turns out, it's from medication which I'm now off of, and vision improving slowly but it is an embarrassment when I skipped a line or two! I dont always need my glasses but wear them all the time anyhow ... you just may need to start doing that! They look great on you!

Blessed day to all at St Sebastian!

Anonymous said...

Father, this probably isn't the right place to say this, but for the last two weeks, the temperature in Church has been oppressively hot. During Easter Mass, several people around me were fanning themselves with the missalette trying to cool off. It was very warm again yesterday.

I realize there are several elderly people who probably like it hot, but most of the people around me looked uncomfortable.

I know this a topic you "can't win" with, but I just wanted to say something.

Anonymous said...

As Anonymous said," this may not be the right time to say this!" But, why haven't we received the 90th Parish Booklet? Or did I miss it?