Tuesday, August 7, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The unappreciated, disregarded miracle had happened once more; it was day again."  from Cornell Woolrich's, "Night Has a Thousand Eyes."

QUOTE II:  "'You believe in God, Tommy?'  'Well, yeah, I guess so,' I said.  'THat's the way I was raised.'  'Then you believe that's heaven right up over us, so close we can almost touch it.  We're just a little south of heaven, right?'"  from Jim Thomson's, "South of Heaven"


I am very excited to announce that the Musical Concert Series at St. Sebastian has again won a grant from the Ohio Arts Council!  The season is really quite outstanding this year for our 90th anniversary.  Go HERE and click on the Musical Arts Series to see the schedule of upcoming events.

A one man play about G. K. Chesterton is coming to Akron sponsored by the St. Sebastian Chesterton Society!  Tickets go on sale tomorrow:

G. P. sent in THIS article for troubled Catholics for the painful position in which the Church has allowed herself to go.  Thanks!

P. V. sent in THIS article about "Gosnell" actress Tessya Whatley choosing not to abort her child on film and in life.

Don't tell him that I told you but tomorrow (Wednesday) is Fr. Simone's birthday!

Tomorrow is also the next Theology on Tap Akron!
Here is a good 3 minute video:

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