Tuesday, January 17, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "[It is] easier to fix a bad credit rating than a bad credibility rating."  from David Mitchell's "Slade House"

QUOTE II:  "War is ends justifying the means."  same source


The Last Theology on Tap Akron, sponsored by St. John the Baptist Parish & a ministry of St. Sebastian Parish was a hit at the Winking Lizard.  The room was set for 70 and we started turning people away at 100.  (SORRY!  Next month we are to have the larger room.)  Here is a shot from the back of the room (where I was because it was S.R.O.  Unfortunately I was next to the food table.  Huge mistake.)  A great talk was given by Fr. Thomas from St. Francis de Sales Parish.

Above is the up and coming talk by Mother Theodora of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Burton, Oh.  If all things work out, some of the sisters will be at St. Sebastian before hand to pray Byzantine evening prayer and you are all invited.  More information to follow.

Below is our next speaker!  Fr. Marty Miller - long time friend of St. Sebastian Parish.
Feeling left out because you no longer fit in to the young adult category?  Never fear and mark your calendars for Monday, February 20th when St. Sebastian will begin Theology on the Rocks (for those of us who are just plain "adults.")  More information will follow soon.

Come celebrate St. Sebastian weekend with us by attending a free, one hour concert beginning at 3:30 PM with renowned classical guitarist and teacher Stephen Aron.  Professor Aron will be performing classical guitar favorites along with newly composed pieces. Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear Prof. Aron play locally!  Free and open to the public.

This may be way to difficult to see but Sebastian and I ran in to a couple of fox this past Sunday in Snyder Park as we were rounding the Julie Billiart School.  The fox is the brown spot dead center of the picture.  Eventually we saw a couple of more.  Sebastian desperately wanted to go play but that didn't seem quite safe.
Here is one of my FAVORITE albums!  I highly recommend it for your next dinner party:


RobbieP said...

Father, nobody has ever captured the essence of the back of my head like you have here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

you are being humorous right?