Tuesday, October 18, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Both secular and Christian humanists its have come to recognize that, without God, even the horizon of our moral judgment is wiped out."  from Dr. Ryan Toppings, "Rebuilding Catholic Culture"

QUOTE II:  "We have abandoned morality.  We have not ceased to be moralists."  same source


While I was away, Sebastian did play.  He'll put up with anything as long as it is from Marcy.
I must say I was a little disappointed that none of my local newspapers seemed to report anything at all (unless it was so small I just completely missed it . . . which is a possibility - so if you read anything at all about this in the Akron/Cleveland area, please comment) about the Wikileaks release of Emails describing Hilary Clinton's anti-Catholic "scandal."  Some people are able to work their away around what was said, others find it absolutely heinous.  

First, I suggest you Google Wikileaks site to read them for yourself.

Catholic News Service provide THIS COMMENTARY in an article entitled, "Leaked Emails Show 'Hostility' to Catholic Church, Some Say."

The NCR has an article HERE.

TIME magazine called it a faux controversy HERE.

Archbishop Chaput would beg to differ HERE.

You decide.

See you here?

I will be performing "The Ten Plagues of Egypt" with Dr. Wilding this Sunday at St. Sebastian at 3:30 in the Church.  Free and open to the public.
 Keep this in mind also!

Here is 2 minutes on how to share your faith at work:


Pat said...

Thanks for putting out this information, Father, which is the type of thing that the media tend to ignore, unless it puts Catholics in a bad light.

It's ironic that the use of a private, unsecured server now reveals things that they would rather not have been made known. Perhaps the reason for needing to use a secure server etc. is now clearer to them.

Anonymous said...

First, it is great to have you back, Father!

Second, I haven't seen anything on the emails except from Catholics and Catholic publications. I'm not surprised.

I haven't heard any discussion about it either, outside of Catholic circles.

Honestly, I know many Catholics are hoping this will wake up the rest of the country but I am hoping it will wake up Catholics. There is no help coming from that quarter.

I love my friends, my family, my co-workers and my fellow citizens. But in this, they are not our allies.

Cathy K said...

On all the Sunday morning 10/16 national political talk shows (Meet the Press, etc.), Trump & Pence were complaining about the national media constantly showing bias &
rigging the news--and consequently the election--in favor of Hillary, e.g., focusing exclusively on the alleged sexual misconduct charges against Trump while ignoring the avalanche of hard evidence of "pay to play" and corruption in the Clinton Foundation years.

Cathy K said...

On "Meet the Press" 10/23, Chuck Todd confronted Hilary's Democratic running mate, charming & winsome good ole boy Kaine, with the Wikileaks of Hilary's anti-Catholic tirades. Kaine's reply (after blaming the Russians!): "Of course she likes Catholics: She chose me as running mate!"

Well, of course she did, sir! You are a TOOL. Neutered impotent Catholic that you are! "I am a Catholic, BUT..." Revelation 3:16: "So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to VOMIT you out of My mouth," sayeth our Lord.

Seduced by the evil one's specious arguments, the murdering of the preborn children goes on and on and on, 1000's each day in USA.

I myself will not be running mate to evil. Pro-life is the number one consideration for each Catholic voter. Flawed as he is, I have already cast my absentee ballot for Donald Trump and the other Republican candidates on the ballot.

Cathy K said...