Tuesday, August 16, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "'Diversity' and 'Inclusion' are vague and uncertain terms that can mean almost anything."  from Mickey Mattos' article, "Marquette's Gender Regime"

St. Andrew Day, 1935
by George Orwell

The lord of all, the money-god
Who rule us blood and hand and brain,
Who gives the roof that stops the wind
And, giving, takes away again.

Who binds with chains the poet's wit
The navvy's strength, the soldiers pride,
And lays the sleek, estranging shield
Between the lover and his bride.

Christopher Hollis, a friend of Orwell, recalls, "One of the most interesting and deepest of Orwell's beliefs was his belief in the profound evil of contraception."


Well this is terrible interesting.  Russ sent in an article entitled, "Physicists Claim that Consciousness Lives in Quantum State After Death.  Read more HERE.  Thanks!

And now I thought I would show you my vacation photos!

Visiting my sister in upstate New York meant hiking in the Adirondacks.  This sign warning of bear activity was thought provoking.  Years ago - many years ago - I did run in to a bear up there.  It was the only time I'd ever seen my mother run.
All things have small beginnings.  You were once just a twinkle in your Mother's eye.  Below is reportedly the headwater for the Hudson River, here just a trickle in it's Creator's eye.
 I just liked the shadows on this rock.  It didn't come out in the picture as well as I would have liked.
So, for those of you who live in Akron and read the Beacon Journal, you know about the time Goodyear had an art sale as they relieved themselves of all of the art in their corporate headquarters which now I believe is an apartment building.  One of the items for sale was a set of taxidermied boxing squirrels for tens of thousands of dollars.  I always wondered WHO could and would pay that much for them.  I found out.  Here they are as decorations in a bathroom.  
This is a door bell.  A DOOR BELL!  I NEED one.
Here is the next installment of the Crash Coarse in Philosophy.

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