Tuesday, August 2, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Whatever the faithful may think, they do not 'give' peace during the celebration; rather they receive it from him who alone is our peace and who gives it within his body and through members ordained for this ministry."  Clips from readings that were sent to me from Mike during his summer reading.  Author unknown.  Thanks Mike!

QUOTE II:  "The indelible character, imparted on the soul by the sacrament of Order, cannot be privatized because it was given to the Church for the service of others.  The faithful . . . have a need of the sign value of a priest dressed as a priest."

QUOTE III:  "For a priest to dress in lay attire is to disguise the fact that his very raison d'être is to draw souls to Christ.  He has a representative role which is, as a consequence of ordination, part of his very being.  To dress as a priest is to give witness to the total commitment of one's life and to manifest the presence of Christ among men."


Cynthia sent in an article about archeology showing the accuracy of Scripture.  Interesting.  Thanks.  Read it HERE.

The picture below is a SMALL SAMPLE of a boat load of music offered to St. Sebastian from a Protestant church that is going through some consolidation.  The weird thing about it is that it is more Catholic in nature than the music I have found in most Catholic parishes.  Masses, Latin, Eucharist . . . Gads.  I hope we are able to release the notes from these pages.

I used this article from FOX news this weekend in my homily.  It has to do with putting the French priest's slaying in perspective  If you are going to click on at work, be aware that there is a video that starts playing when you open it up!  See it HERE.

Here is the next video on our crash course in philosophy.  10 and a half minutes.


Anonymous said...

The author referred to in the first paragraph, regarding the Sign of Peace, is Fr. Jean Corbon, from the book 'The Wellspring of Worship.'

Stephen said...

Dear Father,

Yes Father, you are correct. Priests should dress as priests. Priesthood is not a job, its a way of life. When a surgeon wears his "scrubs" or drapes a stethoscope around his neck outside the hospital, that is silly. I am sad when I see a priest dressed in lay attire. It makes me think, " What's wrong?" Now if the priest is mowing the grass or waxing the car, old work clothes are expected. However, when a priest is out and about in Society, we the faithful Catholic laity NEED the priest to dress as a priest so that we can love and honor our priests. There are a lot of us who love and respect our priests and when we see a man wearing a roman color we say, "Hello Father" in full knowledge that every man that wears a roman collar is not a Catholic Priest. The odds are good, we accept the risk.

MaryofSharon said...

I certainly appreciate it when priests wear their clerical attire, especially when they wear the cassock with all of its rich symbolism. But I especially admire those of you who wear your clerical attire in public, for you are inviting interruptions, including persecution. On the other hand you are also inviting opportunities to talk about deeply meaningful spiritual matter which people would never bring up to someone dressed in regular lay clothing. I'd love to read a collection of stories from priests who have had remarkable experiences when wearing their clerical attire in public settings.

Pat said...

Seeing clerical garb or other religious vesture in public is an encouragement to me and a sign even for non-believers. The clothing points to Christ.

In the early 1990s, I was a driver for the second graders to visit the Cleveland Zoo. One of the boys saw some Amish women dressed in dark clothing and wearing bonnets. He excitedly said, "Look! Nuns!!"