Thursday, April 21, 2016


When you fall asleep tonight, what do you imagine that you could do today that you might look back on and be happy that you did (or didn't) do?  There so much to do today.  Endless tasks may await you.  Or maybe the whole day could be used watching television reruns or winning virtual games of cards.  

But what if you wrote that one letter to someone that you know would love to hear from you?  What if you dropped by your parish and waisted some time with God?  What if you passed on that snack that, if you hadn't of seen it you probably wouldn't have thought to eat it?  What if you mustered up the energy to say something nice to someone who drives you batty?  What if you finally made that phone call, said that prayer, finished up that promise, or did that exercise?  If you did any of these things, then you get to do the victory dance; you get to smile or feel relief and maybe some pride and dignity.  You may rest better and think back on the day with some pride.  You have had a victory at living.  You have conquered another hill.  It's these little things that count.  They build you up for the big things.  

For as much as you dreaded it before you started, aren't you happy now that it is done?  You should be.  That is the kind of person God intended you to be:  Be not afraid.  The afraid live, but they live afraid.  You are meant for greater things.

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