Tuesday, November 24, 2015


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Their idea of changing the world is just to say no to everything.  I don't think you can really change anything less you're willing to say yes."  from Garth Halberg's "City on Fire"

QUOTE II:  "To notice a thing is to become responsible for it."  same source.


As you know, I bought a typewriter.  So what does one do with a typewriter?  I tried an art project.  I drew a picture of a friend of mind relaxing with some things he said filling the space behind him.  I though it turned out rather interestingly. 

Mary sent in THIS LINK to a new book by Archbishop Chaput.

Want to know what you bishops had to say about pornography?  Find the link HERE.

Ralph and Becky sent in THIS ARTICLE about a guy who is a college football player and seminarian.

Frank sent this video in.  It isn't really in keeping with the purpose of this blog but I enjoyed it.

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Elena LaVictoire said...

There is another mashup for Uptown Funk

https://youtu.be/EmnSm_d2ll4 and the Catholic Church is joyfully well represented at 3:18! Makes me laugh every time!