Monday, November 23, 2015


I thought I had done a fairly good job of not becoming too reliant on technology.  But it only took one hiccup to realize to what depth I have fallen.

You know how when the electricity goes out it doesn't stop you from trying on a light or other electrical device and then you go, "Duh!  There is no electricity!"  Well, a similar thing happened this weekend when the Internet went down.  (By the way, why is something like the Internet capitalized by heaven and earth are not?  Are not those proper names?  But I digress.)  

I couldn't do anything.  
The not being able to print my homily was probably the biggest scare.  I thought of taking my computer out on the pulpit but then thought better of it.  Instead I tried to hand write out my homily in the fifteen minutes that I had - not something someone with my poor penmanship skills should attempt.

No Internet also meant no TV, no uploading books, no Sunday podcasts that I enjoy.  How odd that it only took this one bit of technology to go rogue to bring down the effectiveness and enjoyment of my Sunday routine. 

But I suppose it was always so . . .

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Stephen said...

Dear Father,
Did you hear about the man in Akron who died over the weekend?
He dropped his iPhone!