Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Adam's Ale will be on a two week hiatus as the entire staff here in the Adam's Ale corporate offices located in the famous St. Sebastian  Singing Belltower will be on tour with the St. Sebastian Parish Choir as they go on their concert tour through Ireland.  Please join me right back here (approximately) June 28th for the continuing transcribed adventures of Adam's Ale and his side kick dog Sebastian!


Anonymous said...

I thought maybe Fr. K would write for you while you were gone.

Chris P. said...

Have fun! Very thoughtful to book most Irish priest you could find who was available to prevent Father L. from going bonkers next weekend, and give us a taste of Ireland.

Please let us know if the corned beef over there is as exceptional as you can get at some delis around here.

Online Journalist said...

Beautiful blog with blog posts. May God Bless you all abundantly.