Thursday, June 4, 2015


It’s the time of the year when priests move around.  The newly ordained are arriving at their parishes.  Some pastors are changing location.  A number are retiring.  And those parochial vicars whose term is up are packing their bags and moving in to new rectories.  Sometimes this is met with cheers and sometimes tears.

St. Sebastian Parish is losing one of its parochial vicars, Fr. Kovacina.  It is almost unfortunate that he was a great preacher, a good confessor, a hard worker, and an easily likable guy.  Of course, he is also going out on top.  It’s nice that people don’t want you to go if you are leaving, but sad for the left.

His assignment here was only for nine months.  It was an extravagant favor of our bishop and the diocese.  So we cannot be too upset about it.  He wasn’t supposed to be here anyway and it was a blessing that he was here at all let alone being sad that he is now leaving.  We could have easily not had him at all.

Perhaps there were a number of people in your life who came around for a short time, made an impact on your life, and then left.  Maybe a student or substitute teacher, a summer friend, a visiting relative, or the neighbor that moved away passed on something special to you and then disappeared.  If you think of them today, offer up a prayer for the way they touched your life those years ago.  Send a little bit of the that blessing back.

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