Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Everybody cheers for the parade.

Most are appreciative of the work that went into floats and music.

Few think of all those who clean up after - unless they don't do their job.

Here's to the unsung heroes who cleaned up after Easter at your parish on Easter Monday when most parishes were "closed."

The counters who came in to tally the collection.
The cleaning crew that mopped floors and tended to bathrooms.
The sacristans that cleaned put all the of the stuff away used during the Triduum.
The guys who hauled the extra chairs away.
The crew that pinched the dead blooms and watered the lilies.
The ministers that took the Easter Sacrament to the shut ins.
The maintenance person who was busily fixing broken kneelers and doors.

Thank you.  You are not often recognized but we sure do know it when you don't perform your vital duties.  Happy Easter to you.

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