Tuesday, August 5, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "We simply do not know enough about what we call 'sexual orientation' - nor are we likely to for a very long time - to embrace a completely novel understanding of the ultimate purposes of love and sex on the one hand, or to discount without pause the questions about it that both historical study and social testimony have raised on the other"  from Ephraim Radner's article, "Anglicanism on It's Knees" in "First Things"
QUOTE II:  "High school hockey is such a Catholic sport."  Said by a Protestant traveling hockey Mom who marvelled at a Catholic's ability to attend Mass just about anywhere.

I will be away from the parish for the next week so there will be no posts.  August 15th we get to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption.  The parishes in the Akron area feel so blessed by this holy day of obligation, the most important of the Marian feasts, that we make attending Mass as easy as we possibly can.  Here is the local (to Adam's Ale) Mass schedule:
Thursday, August 14th:       5:30PM vigil    St. Bernard
                                             7:00PM vigil    St. Sebastian
Friday, August 15th:            6:30AM           St. Vincent
                                             7:00AM            St. Hilary
                                              8:00AM          St. Sebastian
                                             9:00AM           St. Vincent and St. Hilary
                                              11:00AM        St. Vincent
                                              12:10PM         St. Bernard and St. Hilary
                                              5:15PM           St. Sebastian (extraordinary form - Latin)
                                              6:30PM           St. Hilary
                                              7:00PM           St. Sebastian
I SPY:  When can you view the International Space Station?  Frank sent this site in.
Matt sent this in:
Pat sent this in:  "Search engine giant Google recently made a groundbreaking decision to eliminate pornography from their advertising."  Read more here.
Here is a link to the Ohio Shakespeare Festival's Iambic Pentameter song.  GO HERE

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