Monday, August 25, 2014


It was a great summer at the St. Sebastian rectory.  It was a full rectory.  There was, of course, the two priests assigned here and my cousin, Fr. T. who is here for the summer waiting to go back to Rome for studies, three seminarians, the dog, and occasional other visitors.  And then they were all just gone.  The seminarians left to return to their studies and the other priests were gone for the weekend leaving me to bid a tearful farewell to all as I felt abandoned.
For about two seconds.
Offers were made to get help for me for the weekend but I was cherishing the idea of being alone with Sebastian for THREE WHOLE DAYS!  I got out my list of things to do when there is nobody else around.  Chores can be much for fun because there is nobody around to ask questions or give advice - or complain about what you are doing.  So here is what I intended to do:
And here, of course, is what I actually did after having all of the Masses, confessions, and baptisms, and attending all of the parish events this weekend.  You did see this coming didn't you?


Stephen said...

Monday 25 Aug 2014,

Hi Father, Stephen here.
You make me feel better. Terese as you know is pure blood Slovenian. So when she makes her weekend TO-DO list on Saturday morning, those things get DONE. When she hands me my weekend TO-DO list, I am lucky if one half of the jobs get done because, like you, I have a tendency to "rest my eyes" for just a few minutes on Saturday and Sunday. Within a six day period, God made the universe, earth and man. And then God rested. Then God made WOMAN and neither God nor man have rested since. What is with women anyway?

Pat said...

So now we know how you spent your __th birthday.

Wait until you hit __ next year!