Monday, May 5, 2014


If you've been reading Monday Diary for a few summers, you knew this day was coming.  I, however, lived in a fantasy land where it never would.  So it is about 10:00 at night and Fr. Pfeiffer who was visiting and I take Sebastian (my dog) out for a his last airing out before calling it a night.  It was a peaceful, warm spring night.  Unusually quiet.  We were at ease shooting the breeze when we saw something on the rectory lawn . . .

Yep.  It was a skunk.  We've encountered him before and he has always given us way.  Not so this time.  Sebastian went up to him at a friendly trot, tail wagging, no barking, as though he were going up to meet one of his summer friends that he hadn't seen since last summer.  But unlike past times, the skunk was up against a wall and perhaps feeling a bit trapped shot its load right in Sebastian's face.
The poor dog was at one time confused that a friend would do this to him and utterly disgusted at the way he smelled - a new experience for him.  After the mournful, barbaric yelp, he started shaking his head and diving face first into the grass.  I wonder if he didn't have his mouth open when he got shot because he was also foaming at the mouth.  It was pathetic - but pathetic in a funny way.  We wanted to feel sympathy but it was just too funny.

Until it wasn't.


MJ said...

Your "dear" friend did not even stay and help you give Sebastian a bath? Heh heh .... I mean, how rude ;)

MaryofSharon said...

The facial expressions are hilarious in this one!!! Especially when that first whiff of skunk was detected! A great laugh!