Tuesday, August 6, 2013


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "What is ecclesiastical history but a record of the ever doubtful fortune of the battle though its issue is not doubtful?"  John Cardinal Newman
QUOTE II: "The champion of an idea may be defeated but the idea itself only vanishes when it has been defeated by another idea."  Hubert Jedin

Eric sent this in:  "Your painting (that Eric painted) of St. Sebastian Attended by St. Irene won first place, by popular vote, on a European art website noenga.com."

We had an art and architecture tour at St. Sebastian this past week.  While on the tour Tom took this great picture of one of our windows:

Here is an interesting article on "Why we are losing the battle over marriage."  See what you think.  Click here.
Bishop Lennon responds to Pope Francis' comments concerning priests with same sex attraction:

Cathy sent this in:  Pope returns home from WYD.  Under 2:00


Kevin Hammer said...

Beautiful photo of the stained glass. The same artist created windows of saints at Providence Hospital in Sandusky (now called Firelands):


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bishop Lennon! He did a great job at explaining Pope Francis' comment!

MaryofSharon said...

That is wonderful news about your painting! Hope that bring Eric more patrons for sacred art.

And, thanks for posting the Bishop's comments. (Love the fact that the bishop laughed at his own joke in the video!)

There's even more from Bishop Lennon on the plane press conference in his article for the Universe Bulletin on the diocesan web site. The article and the video compliment each other well.

MaryofSharon said...

Er.... "complement" not "compliment".

Anonymous said...

the name of the artist who designed the stained glass windows in St Sebastian Church is Frank Marchione. His home and studio were in Canton. He is deceased.

r m kraus/ one of the architects who designed St Sebastian Church