Sunday, September 16, 2012


It will be an interesting week at St. Sebastian.  Starting today the new pipe organ will begin installation.  To accommodate this we had to move Mass an hour earlier for the next couple of weeks.  In addition to this workmen will be showing up at the rectory to install air conditioning starting at about 7AM.  There is a list of diocesan and parish meetings that will take place also so it is to be a week of noise, upset schedules, dust, and all kinds of busy work.  So naturally I am going to do the most mature thing: go on vacation and leave everything to the parochial vicar.
If there is one thing they beat into our heads over and over again in the seminary is DELIGATE.  Every time I look at my calendar I think, "This is not a good week to take off."  On the other hand every week I look at would elicit the same thoughts.  So everything is entrusted to capable hands and the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit and I will spend this day traveling.  More posts may or may not follow this week.  We shall see!
God bless,
Fr. V

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