Monday, August 6, 2012



Yes, today's post is very late, the reason for which will probably be the topic if next week's Monday Diary.  This week's, however, will deal with new developments in the St. Sebastian Rectory.  I received a phone call from the seminary this past week asking if I would kindly take in a seminarian for his live-in experience before his first year of theology.  I told Fr. P. that I had to go to the seminary to pick up a seminarian to bring home to stay with us for a little while and he said it sounded vaguely like I was bringing home a new dog.  And you know what?  He was right.  The story did seem to parallel well:
So I went and picked him up.  It required getting a bed ready, going to the store and buying food and other necessary things.  It wasn't much different getting a seminarian.  Then there was the initial introduction to their new home:
Then there was the essential training of how things are done around here - what is acceptable behavior and what is not:
In fact there is very little difference save that one is allowed to eat at the table and one is not.  But I imagine it will not take very long until we allow the seminarian to leave the children's table and join us and Sebastian.

There is even an economy of having both around.  What seems to work for one seems to work just as well for two with not much extra effort:

Joking aside, it is quite swell to have a young wanna be in the house and quite an honor that we get to be part of his training.  If you think of it say a prayer for him and for all of our seminarians.  And if you see them, they like treats. 

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