Tuesday, July 24, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "When all is said and done, he consoled himself, however painful, and however long it takes to die, in the end you are just as dead.  And he who dies finds rest."  from Alturo Perez-Reverte's, "Captain Alatriste"

QUOTE II: "Whether a man is ready to die or not, his requiem always sounds the same."  from "A German Requiem" 


This past Friday Fr. Pfeiffer and I went outside to walk Sebastian and discovered our flags at half mast.  One of our people gets "flag alerts" here that tell when the president has ordered flags to be flown at half mast.  If you would like alerts of this manner here is one place that sends them out.

Sara sent this in:  "It may be interesting for any young women with whom you talk who may be considering a religious life to know that the Visitation order has one small new (established 20+ years ago) monastery in North Minneapolis, Minnesota, that is not cloistered.  This monastery regularly hosts women who are discerning a religious life."  For more information go here.

The Knights of Columbus were working here on Monday night fixing the walkway to the rectory.  The recruit Knights younger and younger.
 Our first Jazz and Wine Festival was a success.  Below is a picture of me with Earnie Krivda, one of my jazz favorites.  Funds were used toward the organ fund.

I love this three minute video.  But no, I do not want to hear it in church.


Matt W said...

I promise not to clap if they play that version of Hail Holy Queen at Mass.

Trevor said...

What a great picture of Talen and me! He most certainly would have enjoyed you playing the organ at Benediction tonight. :) You sounded like a pro!

Pat said...

It is good for every generation to put its talents toward praising God.

lgreen515 said...

Would it kill us to sing with a little more energy?