Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Garrison Keeler once said, “God made man in His own image, and man had been returning the favor ever since.”  Historically that is the great American tradition.  Across a young nation, white clapboard churches would be built, a minister hired who would teach what those who support the church desired (within reason), and should they come to too strong a disagreement, there could be the changing of pastors to better meet the desires of the community.

Of course the effect of this is that over a great amount of time, God started to look more and more like what any particular community thought He should be.  That follows through to this day as amazingly God is coming more and more in line with what the culture at large has deemed worthy.  Good thing for Him too lest He become irrelevant. 

Then there is that pesky little Catholic church on the other corner.  Do they not understand that if they do not change with the times that people will no longer connect to God at all?  They cling to 2000 years of teaching.  Both God and man have evolved over time.  Instead of the wisdom of the popular culture and thinking people influencing and shaping an intelligent faith, they take last year’s teaching and say that it must influence and shape the culture.  Because of this they will always be a little bit odd – even in Christian circles.  They will always swim against the stream – be truly counter cultural and controversial. 

But they are nice to have around.  Somebody has to make the news interesting.  And they do nice art.  Sometimes.  If only they could be like everyone else.


Robert M Kraus Sr said...

I think that the windows in our church are outstanding

Cracked Pot said...

Loved the picture of the Pope.

He came to the US in 2008 preaching "Christ our Hope."

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see that picture of the Pope stuck on the rear windows of cars rather than the distrubing photo of BHO with the word HOPE beneath his face.

Did I miss something or did someone say something about the windows in the church?