Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So last week I was walking Sebastian (me looking like a priest) and we came across another dog and master and for some reason the conversation turned to abortion. You can probably guess my opinion and my friend’s stance (he is non-Catholic) was that he was opposed to it, but did not feel it his place to tell a woman what to do with her body.

My response was that I do not want to tell a woman what to do with her body either. That is none of my business. I do want to say what she can do with another person’s body. Of course that is where the debate fell apart for my friend did not see the other body in the womb as a person until it is fully born and viable: a topic for another day.

That being said I think I want to recant part of my argument. Yes, I do want to be able to tell people what to do with their bodies – men and women. And I bet you do too. We do it all the time. It is built in to certain aspects of our laws. For example the most obvious is restricting drinking to minors. You may not put that in your body or not only you, but the person who sold it to you or gave it to you and possibly your parents will be held responsible under the law. You may not commit suicide. We know it is your body and your pain but it is actually illegal to do it though it you are successful there is little worldly anyone is able to do.

Women who are pregnant should not drink alcohol or smoke heroine and I have no problem enforcing that. Ten minutes after they have their baby if they freely choose to go back to it I will be sad, but at that point “I don’t want to tell a woman what to do with her body.” But anybody with two brain cells firing will say that it is not only immoral but should be illegal to engage in an activity that will seriously harm a human being for life. And what is more harmful than ending that life all together?

This is just another example of a phrase that gets thrown out to cower people in an argument which is not given much analyzation. (Is that a word?) “Of course you don’t want to interfere with another’s freedom do you?” Well perhaps in certain incidences you do when it involves another human life.

Of course the next question will be (and the objections are a lining up for a mile) can we force someone to recognize a baby in the womb as a person? Again I say yes. Our human history is replete with examples of the law forcing others to recognize other humans as persons equal under the law. It is sad that (some) women who had to fight to be recognized as equal under the law in our own country may wish to make it law that they may treat their children as objects to be done away with at will.


Pat said...

Ironically, Father, the early feminists (who fought for the right to vote) also fought vigorously against abortion. They knew that abortion harms the woman as well as kills the child.

Feminists for Life has a treasure trove of writings on this subject from these early pro-life feminists.

Chuck said...

A thought provoking post Father. As a Republic (we are not a democracy) we have a right and a duty to fight for and protect the unborn. We can indeed "force" someone (in a loving and supportive way)to recognize a baby in the womb as a person - e.g. voting for pro-life representatives, utilizing mobile ultrasound imaging technology, supporting pregnancy care centers, etc. With the Holy Spirit with us, our battles will change lives and lessen the demand for abortion one life at a time, and ultimately to the point of ending abortion.

Anonymous said...

Father, you are correct, society requires all sorts of restriction on what we can do with our bodies. The abortion issue will never be resolved without coming to terms with the widespread acceptance of contraception. The legalization, promotion, and acceptance of this evil has lead to the "need" for abortion as a back-up plan for failed contraception. The contraception mentality leads to such a self-centered, pleasure seeking attitude among individuals that it distorts their conscience and, I believe, hardens their hearts to such an extent that they are willing to do anything, e.g. even kill their own offspring, to continue to pursue their desires. I think we are putting the cart before the horse when we discuss the abortion issue with people and don't bring up the problem of the widespread acceptance of contraception.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Father! Well said!! I am going to have to remember these points next time I get into one of those discussions.

Infinitegrace822 said...

Abortion will not end until people realize what it truly is. Sadly, the people who know the most about what it is are the women who have had them but are afraid to speak about it. I know, I am one.

Beate said...

Contraception necessitates abortion, as contraception places sex on the plane of fun activity with no consequences :-( Most abortions are due to contraceptive failure. Therefore, we can't talk about abortion without first addressing contraception.