Tuesday, July 6, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “One should never tell the lion what he can do only what he should do.” Proverb

QUOTE II: “[W]eather gave no fair warning, honored no flag of truce, and scorned all rules of warfare.” From Sharon Kay’s, “Devil’s Brood; The Last Days of the Tempestuous Marriage of Henry II and Eleanor of Auitaine

My computer is acting up today and this is taking way too long considering the punishment I am enduring by way of work load owing to being away for a week. So this post will be short.
This was just a cool picture from my trip to NY. I took it from my car window - would have like to had more of the yellow field to contrast with the foreboding sky but this is what you can do at 45 mph.
An anonymous reader suggested this link to a good post at the Deacon's Bench.

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter had an article that you might find interesting. It reads in part, "The Monday, June 28th Plain Dealer story "Diocese's downsizing coming to an end" authored by reporters Michael O'Malley and Robert L. Smith contained three marked inaccuracies which require correction. First, the article states that week after week Bishop Lennon performed rituals to "desanctify" the holy places. What is this word desancitfy? There is no desanctification of a building. In fact, if these reporters had bothered to attend any of the closing Masses they would know that the closing ritual involved prayers of praise at particular locations significant to the people of that parish. " If you ar einterested in reading more click here.

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