Monday, October 26, 2009


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "Where there is no mystery there is only the monotony of the obvious." Michael Schravzer

QUOTE II: "Having lots of money is no guarantee of good taste, but it can make the lack of it more glaringly obvious." from Phillip Herr's, "The Pale Criminal"


Of course those who have been to an Adam's Ale event know I like shamefacedly like the movie the Princess Bride. Looking for something else I accidentally came across the Princess Bride personality test. Take yours here. Here is my terrible result:
Chestertonains! I am looking for these people. We are almost ready to start an Akron branch and are looking for some direction and hope you can help (and I've lost your Email.) I realized later I forgot to post the picture! Here it is!
CK sent this link to Fr. Barron's vidoes. She reports, "Fr. Barron's videos are outstanding. Very rational and non-confrontational." Thanks CK!

I guess today is the day for personality tests! JJ sent this one in. "Draw a Pig!"

The Diocese of Cleveland has a website for religious items from closed parishes that will only go to other parishes and religious institutions out of respect for the items and the institutions from whence they came. But it doesn't hurt to look. Here is the site.

Katy sent this link to Dayton Magazine that contains an article about evolution. Thanks Katy

I took Sebastian for a walk in the park across the street from the parish. Here are some pictures.

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