Friday, October 9, 2009


Public Library and somehow ending up in my hands. There was noticed a few entries that I had no clue as to what they were. So I sat down (and yes) read through the dictionary. Here is a quiz for you concerning some terms that I found interesting.

Perpetual Abbess
a) Because she is the abbess of the saints.
b) As head of errant French monasteries
c) An alternate title for Mother of us all.
a) An old title for Mary as a servant of God
b) A non-Catholic who is pliant in their belief in Mary
c) Someone who places themselves in the care of Mary
Crown of Twelve Stars
a) From the Book of Revelation 12:1
b) As queen of the 12 tribes of Israel
c) As queen of the heavens from the 12 months of the year.
Our Lady’s Dowery
a) England
b) Money given to a monastery for accepting a lady
c) Penance that she will do for you
a) The place where the Holy Family slept after Jesus’ birth
b) Mary’s contemplation of Jesus when He slept
c) An old name for the Assumption
Garden Eclosed
a) The new Eden
b) Title for Mary from the Song of Songs
c) The place where Mary’s followers can find safety from evil
Farced Gloria
a) From a “faked” practice Mass in honor of Our Lady (used by seminarians)
b) From a prayer service in anticipation of a Mass (such as on Good Friday)
c) Words added to fill out the Gloria adding devotions to Mary on Feasts of Our Lady


Cracked Pot said...

Perpetual Abbess = A(?)
Client = C
Crown of 12 Stars = A
Our Lady's Dowry = A (England)
Dormition = C ("falling asleep")
Garden Enclosed = B
Farced Gloria = C(?)

Victoria said...

These are the only ones I know:

Crown of Twelve Stars
From the book of Revelation

Our Lady Of Walsingham please intercede that England may once again be Our Lady’s Dowry

Dormition, is I think the way the Orthodox refer to Our Lady’s Assumption.

Garden Enclosed is a title for Mary from the Song Of Songs

Matt W said...

What was the question?