Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A friend of mine was nervous about seeing the doctor for a problem because of what he knew the doctor was going to ask of him. There was going to be a lifestyle change in store but in the end it would serve to make him healthier enabling him to have more energy and quite possibly a longer life.

Many people feel the same way about listening too closely to that which God is calling them in their heart. The nervousness often stems from having to have a change in living style and that can be a daunting thing. It means leaving the life you know how to live and are perhaps quite comfortable with and embarking on something new.

But consider what it is God is calling you to. Sin is anything that brings harm spiritually, mentally, or physically to you are others. That to which God calls you brings healing and health spiritually, mentally, or physically to you or others. God is calling you to health. Sometimes the call is extreme – think of the martyrs – but most of the time it is like giving up cheesy poofs – it something we enjoy and do not want to give up because they give us immediate gratification – but in the long run having done without them we shall not have to face the damage they did to us.


Kevin said...

Father! You really had to go there didn't ya!
With all my other faults, I questioned if I was going to live long enough to straighten myself out and then you had to pile this on too....
Just kidding, I know you are right and have known for some time that I needed to address this issue also. I will use this as the jumping off point to address my sorry health habits and strive to do better.

That"s not a smirk I see on your face is it?

Anonymous said...

"... something we enjoy and do not want to give up because they give us immediate gratification...."

Is "sin" an immediate gratification of a need that seems too hard to meet in a moral way? I think, for example, of pornography or adultery as quick substitutes for emotional intimacy. Overeating when bored or lonely is also a quick fix. Problem pregnancy? An abortion will provide the immediate gratification of having ended the pregnancy. But in the long run, we will "... have to face the damage they did to us."

Victor S E Moubarak said...

The doctor's advice may well increase your lifespan a little.

Christ's advice leads you to a GREAT eternal life.