Thursday, September 10, 2009


"Boredom is in fact the weight of unused capacity, an intimation of the freedom from which the self has hidden" Unger
There is a feeling often reported in the confessional that a person ought to be doing more. And not just more, but something noble and worthwhile. It is as if God is calling the person to some great deed or work - the only problem being that they do not know what it is. So an uncomfortable angst is built up. “I know that I should be doing something, I feel it, but I just cannot figure out what it is,” it is often reported. Daily routines do not satisfy this angst. As good as an activity as it might be, it is just not the right fit. So it is mentioned at confession as being, perhaps, a sin of omission.

What may be happening (and this is good reason to have a spiritual director – one who can help you discern) is that God is preparing you for something coming down the pike. A yearning for service is built up inside of you causing you to look for what it is that is coming your way and when the proper desire is built up God allows the discovery or the realization of your calling to cross your attention.

The answer to the riddle of the calling may, for some, be a short time from months to as few as a couple of hours. Many times it last for years such as some cases of a calling to a religious or priestly life - they know that something is missing from their lives until finally they give their calling a try and feel at peace. “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee,” says St. Augustine.

What is required of us is that we work on our spiritual life and keep an attentive eye and ear open to our opportunities. Rarely has such a thing been discovered watching T.V. re-runs or playing video games. Don’t shake the feeling but use it as a signal to be ready. It may be that God will be calling.


ck said...

Sheesh, I seem inundated every day by “calls”. I’m the most boring, anti-social person I know and I feel like I could fill a thousand lifetimes with what needs to be done for God. But I didn’t always feel that way, so I guess developing a prayer life and getting to know God and the 10 Commandments sort of corrects your vision as to what God wants.

I think people mistakenly wait for some single, shining call to greatness but miss the opportunities in the messy daily floundering of fallen creatures in a fallen world.

ck said...

Speaking of which, I submitted my "story" to This Rock like you suggested and they said they would publish it next year (they're bi-monthly now so things take a little longer to get published).

MJ said...

Well said!
Now if I could just find a spiritual director!!