Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today is a day to be bold. It is a season to take risks. "He who dares magnificently can expect magnificent rewards." This is no time for half hearted responses to the call. The ashes on your forehead tell the complete tale of the fate of this world. They remind us if we are to have life it is only in God. Live this reality. Be daring. Do you believe the Church is becoming holier every moment? Do you beleieve that we still have a way to go? The next step is renewing the faith from within. The only thing that works to bring about the holiness of the Church is for men and women to grow in the holiness that He offers. And the holiness that He offers is radical, powerful, transforming, renewing, awesome, and terrible in its greatness and we need to meet it back with the same power.
That is what these ashes are about. That is what your Lenten practices are supposed to do for you. So be daring. Engage it. And don't settle for whining over not having pepperoni on you pizza! Be a sign to others as these ashes are a sign to you.

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