Friday, July 15, 2016


Yesterday was a wildly busy day so I didn't have time to post - stories that I will share with you in the near future. In the mean time, Pokemon has been receiving lots of notice in these parts.  I have had a number of interesting conversations with people I might not otherwise have the opportunity to chat with.  Lots of pictures have been sent to me including this one from Russ:
One of my servers yesterday whose Dad is a police officer said that he was arresting Pokemon Trainers who were trespassing on private property, running through graveyards disturbing mourners and driving off roads.  So Brian, a seminarians staying here for the summer, a friend of his and I thought to make St. Sebastian a welcoming spot.  (We advertised for the Jazz and Wine Festival on the other side!)
We were not, however, as innovative as St. Mary.  (Thanks J. P.)


Marie M said...

My husband and I were walking around Lake Anna last evening and wondered why so many people were staring at their phones! We finally realized that they were ALL playing Pokemon Go! One other couple noticed that Dave and I were not staring at our phones and commented that we were the only other people they saw who weren't playing the game! It was nice to see people out and walking and groups of kids playing the game together -- it did seem to make people a little more conversational :)

I would really love to see an similar app developed (like a previous commenter on the last thread mentioned) for discovering the saints or symbols in our churches. I recently came across a copy of "St. Bernard's Church Guide to Art and Architecture." It is just a couple of pieces of paper with a map of the interior of the church and description of each and every symbol, painting, statue, and window in the church. Wouldn't it be great to have that as an app you could take to church with you? Anyone know of someone who can design something like that?

Karen said...

This morning our pastor preached about the Pokemon game and how it's a gateway to the occult. He's certainly not happy that there are a number of Pokemon things on our parish campus.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the article: