Tuesday, December 30, 2014



Sorry there have been no postings but in addition to being very busy I have been as sick as a dog!  The Monday night before Christmas, I started not feeling right.  By Christmas night I was miserable.  The next two days I barely got out of bed.  Thank goodness for a quiet, warm rectory.  It hurt even to try to read so there were NO postings.  I think I'll pick up again on Monday after I am a little more caught up on things I haven't done.
In the meantime here is the transcript of this year's 4:00 Christmas vigil Mass.  As you may know, it has been a tradition at St. Sebastian for about 6 years that this homily rhyme.  Pressure mounts.  Expectations are high.  I was at the Cleveland Clinic and one of the doctors called out, "Looking forward to coming to St. Sebastian for the rhyming homily!"
Fr. Kovacina took on this heavy task this year and, except for the beginning, based it on the Chipmunk's tune, "Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here."  In case you are wondering, I will not be singing it in future years.
Here it is.  Good job Fr. K:
Vigil Mass for the Nativity of the Lord
I have heard it all around,

          how this homily is to sound.
I am a little nervous as you see,
          because this rhymings rather new to me.
But I hope you find the message true,
          thats Gods love is for me and you.
So lets begin this holy time,
          with our annual Christmas rhyme.
(Sung using an adapted melody based upon the Chipmunks Christmas song)
Jesus Christ was born today,
          the one we longed for and did pray.
Since its such a joyful time,
          angels come to hear this rhyme.
When we praise Emmanuel,
          God is with us, all is well.
His love is great, his love is true,
          and its all for you.
The birth of Jesus came to be,
          when Gabriel came to Mary.
By the Holy Spirits grace,
          God will save the human race.
She said yes to his great plan,
          the Word of God became Man.
In Mary's womb he was conceived,
          because she had believed. 
Joseph learned this in a dream,
          that this child will reign supreme.
He brought Mary to his house,
          and cared and loved her as a spouse.
While in Bethlehem Christ came,
          Jesus was the boys name.
In this holy little one,
          God gave us his Son.
When the shepherds came to see,
          what God had done for you and me.
They were overwhelmed with joy,
          at this little baby boy.
Here was God before their eyes,
          as they heard his baby cries.
The prophecies of old came true,
          when God did something new.
Magi followed a bright star,
          it guided them from all a far.
To the child they came and knelt,
          joy and peace was surely felt.
Bringing gifts for royalty,
          gentiles came in loyalty
To worship the new child king,
          who reigns o'er everything.
So now you know about his birth,
          and how much you are really worth.
In Gods eyes youre lovable,
          a treasure always valuable.
To share this good news is a treat,
          maybe put it in a tweet.
Jesus Christ was born you see,
          because God loves you and me.
To our parish family,
          thanks for being here with me.
Fr. Valencheck and crew,
          wish hope and peace to all of you. 
Lets include the parish dog,
          Sebastians in the eggnog.
To you and yours a merry way,
          on this Christmas day.


Cathy said...

Get well soon, Fr V! ...What a wonderful homily!

In the Cleveland area, Christmas 1958, a song sung by kids' TV personality Barnaby rivaled the Chipmunks' tune for attention. Sebastian will appreciate this one! Ha!
"Boofo goes where Santa goes."


Kate J said...

Best wishes & prayers for a speedy recovery from the Ick. Has visited our home as well.

Cathy said...

"Strength from the Sea: Poetry, too"
The Navy has poetry traditions, too!


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